“Campa” Ltd is a Georgian company that is famous for delicious juices and nectar.
Since 2008, the company operating in Saguramo offers a wide range of products made from high quality, natural raw materials. “Campa” products are created for those gives the importance to quality.
“Campa” produces a wide range of juices and nectar s that are made from the best ripe fruit grown in Georgia as well as in different countries.


The constant desire to improve quality distinguishes our company and allows us to take a decent place on the local market of non-alcoholic beverages.


The company constantly strives to expand the sales geography. The transition from the regional market to the international levels gives us the opportunity to make happy our foreign consumers and their families.
Success of our company is based on the balanced use of modern technologies, which helps to keep nutrient and tasteful qualities of beverages.
That is why our products do not contain genetically modified components, artificial preservatives, additives and dyes.
The most important component of our production is the Aragvi gorge water, which enriches our juices with natural minerals and gives them a unique taste.